Men’s Grooming – 5 Tips

Gentlemen, in a couple of weeks, the most romantic holiday of the year will be here. You’ve guessed right, Valentine’s Day. Prepare to dazzle your date with these five grooming tips that will keep you tidy and clean-cut not only for Valentine’s Day but on a daily basis. 

1. Shave after you shower

Even though it seems easier to shave right before you jump into the shower, the best thing to do for your skin and beard is to shave after. This will allow your pores to open up and get softer to avoid irritation and redness. Save water and time by shaving in the shower.  

2. Protect your lips 

Cracked and dry lips are not only unattractive but painful during the winter. Skin-care professionals recommend everyone use lip balms with SPF to protect them from the harsh sun.

3. Less alcohol for the skin 

Drinking alcohol during the winter causes dehydration, which dries out the skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water instead to keep the skin’s collagen firm. 

4. Beard shampoo is a must 

Beard shampoos exist for those who want to keep their mane during the cold. Make sure to wash your beard every other day and moisturize the skin underneath. 

5. Add cream to avoid dryness

Working out during the winter can cause dehydration to your skin. To minimalize the problem, make sure to add moisturizer before your workout and after your post-workout shower

—By Thy X. Phan (Your Daily Cup of Thy)