5 Tips for Sustainable Living

A lot of people come to me and ask for advice on sustainable living with their consumer shopping habits. My advice is always simple, start small. I would like to challenge everyone to continue by shopping consciously in 2022. Starting small, building, and getting other people to join is the main objective. One person cannot change everything, but a collaborative effort may help reform the fashion industry. All of this comes down to us simply starting.

Tips for Starting

1. My first recommendation is to download the app Good on You. The coolest thing about this app is it rates each brand based on their sustainable efforts on a scale from 1 to 5. It also reviews what the brand is trying to implement for sustainability in their company goals. 

2. Research, research, research! Look into buying from brands that give back to the community. Although they are not 100% sustainable, at least your purchase will help in some way. For example, Uniqlo is considered fast-fashion, but they have a recycling initiative to give used clothes to the homeless. We support that! 

3. Give love to all the pieces you have. A new outfit is unnecessary for every occasion. Mix it up, restyle, and re-layer all your classic essentials.  

4. Check the care label and follow instructions to be mindful of every piece. Take care of your current wardrobe staples to increase their longevity. The longer they last, the less you will need to replace them. 

5. Shop local! By shopping locally, you are creating an exponential effect on the community. Most local boutiques are conscious of who their vendors are. Frou Frou carries Pura Vida Bracelets, a company working to offset 100% of their carbon emission by 2025. At Aida’s, they have Clea Ray, a brand repurposing military tents to create canvas bags.

Starting is scary. Whether starting anew or starting over, it takes a lot to get us out of our comfort zone, but it is not impossible. I hope this article can ignite a sense of wonder, so you can start shopping intentionally. 

—By Thy X. Phan (Your Daily Cup of Thy)