6 Nail Care Tips for the Winter

A Winter wonderland appeared in Wichita last week with over 7 inches of snow. With a little less than two months before Spring, here is the final article about nail care in our series of personal care during the Winter. These six nail care tips will keep your nails flawless while transitioning over to a new season. 

1. Never go bare

Here’s a myth-buster for you! Regardless of the myth that nails need to breathe, leaving a top coat on is better. This way, your nails will always be protected, and they will less likely break and peel. 

2. Lotion is important

To maintain moisture in your nails and cuticles, a lotion is a must. Applying cream several times a day will prevent splitting, peeling, and breaking nails.

3. Apply cuticle oil 

Cuticle oil will keep your cuticles supple and soft for the Winter. Skin-care professionals recommend applying this oil twice a day. The best times will be right before you put on lotion in the afternoon and at night before you sleep. 

4. Shield your nails

Gloves are essential during the winter, and they can enhance your outfit while protecting your nails from the winter air. An additional tip is to wear chemical-resistant latex gloves to protect your nails while doing the dishes. 

5. File in one direction 

Always choose one direction to file your nails because filing them in different directions can cause them to break and chip. Avoid filing your nails after showering or washing your hands since wet nails can break easily.  

6. Do not cut cuticles

Dermatologists say there’s no good reason for you to cut your cuticles, and trimming them can compromise the seal of protection and increase infections. Instead, they recommend you push your cuticles back as part of your nail care regimen.

—By Thy X. Phan (Your Daily Cup of Thy)