A Family Fête

What better reason than a family reunion is there for an alfresco celebration and jaw-dropping backyard decor? These homeowners hosted the annual event in their backyard, which was transformed for the afternoon into an elegantly casual venue that meandered occasionally into delightful whimsy.

a highly decorated backyard with lush green landscaping and colorful hanging lanterns
This couple operates a local upholstery shop, so they were able to whip up the fetching tablecloths and chair cushions in short order, which anchored the party’s festive backyard decor color scheme. Highlights were an abundance of Chinese lanterns, beribboned chairs and citronella candleholders, colossal fresh-flower arrangements, a flamboyant chiminea, and a fanciful diminutive fairy garden for the children’s entertainment. What a glorious outdoor get-together!

two decorated green lawn chairs next to a free standing green chiminea fire pit in from of a vine covered wood fence


a decorated miniature fairy garden in landscaping featuring a stone pathway, table and chairs, and fairy figurines
“I know a little garden close, So thick with lily and red rose, Where I would wander if I might From dewy morn to dewy night” —William Morris