A Sound Legacy

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers represent the pinnacle of sonic supremacy.

Other speakers merely replay recorded music. The 800 Series Diamond makes it. The speaker of choice for recording industry professionals for decades, it has helped artists and studios the world over to create the music and film soundtracks that have shaped a generation.

Form Meets Function

At Bowers & Wilkins design always has a purpose. Decades of cutting-edge research into loudspeaker design have given them a deep understanding of how to make them sound wonderful. And if that same knowledge also inspires beautiful forms wrapped in a range of four luxurious finishes, who’s complaining?

This sleek, sophisticated sound system is also home to state-of-the -art smart home controls.

Experience True Sound

Between the many acoustic and mechanical properties of each loudspeaker, there is the surface of transducer design or crossover componentry.

. . . the results are radically transformed loudspeakers that sound even more believable – and even less like loudspeakers – than ever.