A Story of Traditions

Pinole Blue brings back history through heritage ancestry foods while uniting cultures. 

Pinole is made of roasted ground maize corn with spices and has been passed down by tribes in Mesoamerica since the time of the Aztecs. One group of people that has gained the spotlight from the bestselling book “Born to Run” is the Tarahumaras for their running abilities and for also using pinole as their fuel.

Founder Eddie Sandoval did not only want to give access to those who already love pinole in the U.S. but also offer a healthier and more nutritional alternative to endurance athletes. As a child, Eddie remembers always bringing pinole from family trips to Chihuahua to enjoy throughout the year. His family has been consuming pinole for generations, and his father says there is nothing more refreshing and filling on a hot Kansas day than a drink of pinole.

With Eddie’s passion for sharing family traditions, we have been given the drive to bring nutritional products from organic blue corn while giving back to the Tarahumara people.

The Beginning

While studying business finance at Wichita State, Eddie realized his family wasn’t the only one that missed having easy access to pinole, a dry mix used in coffee drinks or smoothies. He also realized many locals were unaware of pinole and its extensive health benefits. After speaking to his business professor Kate Kung-McIntyre about the idea, she encouraged him to test the market. An entrepreneur at heart, Eddie bought a half-ton of heirloom organic blue corn and drove across the BORDER to get it. He started processing and packaging pinole between classes to sell to locals. Soon, his dorm room became Pinole Blue headquarters, and Eddie invented his Pinole-based protein blend to appeal to athletes. He and the co-founder Kyle Offutt, a WSU student, entered Pinole Blue in an annual venture competition at Wichita State – and won the $10,000 grand prize. Click here to read more about their story.

The Growth

“Pinole Blue began with a few pinole drink mixes and have grown to add cookies, protein bites, and even stone-ground tortillas to their collection.”

Pinole Blue has been featured in major outlets, including Midwest Living,  Buzzfeed, and Remezcla. Pinole Blue’s owners have had an opportunity to discuss their business ventures on Shark Tank. This reality show allows contestants to present their ideas to entrepreneurs who can help them turn them into lucrative empires. Click here to visit their online store and look forward to their growth. 

Raspberry Banana Protein Pinole Smoothie Bowl 

3 bananas

1 cup raspberries

1 cup strawberries

½ cup almond milk

2 tbsp of Original Pinole OR Sweetened Pinole

1 tbsp chia seeds