Are Turntables Here to Stay?

If you’ve been following the turntable trend and the resurgence of vinyl, you probably already know the answer: A resounding “Yes!”

Not so long ago, vinyl records were the only way to listen to music. In the 1970s and ‘80s, reel-to-reel tapes appeared, quickly replaced by 8- and 4-track cartridges, cassettes, and eventually CDs. Today, there are fewer hard copies of music, as many people hook into streaming services that deliver almost all the music available to various listening devices.

In this growth of music everywhere for everyone, the sound quality suffered, as well as the durability of the delivery modes. Despite the development of what’s been called the “paperback of music,” vinyl records have stayed the course. 

There’s nothing to compare with the sound of music played on a vinyl record for the true music lover. The depth and warmth of sound are tangible. There are other benefits of playing music on a turntable: The ritual of removing an album from its cover—often a source of joy in itself—reading the liner notes, placing it on a turntable, and sitting back to listen. Listen to the entire recording from beginning to end, the way the artist intended. All the downloads of this or that song may be perfect as a source of occasional entertainment, but in listening to an entire album, you experience the piece in its entirety. And that is more comparable to a personal concert than any download of a single track can ever be!

Photo above: Make vinyl part of your Sonos experience when you connect this turntable to Amp, Five, or Port.