Art Talk: “Administrative Defense Mechanisms”

An exhibition of local art is a joyful way to celebrate the season.

Wichita has a wonderful art scene that connects people and one that you can only fully appreciate through experience. First Friday is a celebratory event that kicks off the month’s featured artists at local galleries and museums. Visiting a local gallery, meeting an artist, moving into their world, hearing their thoughts, and taking an original piece with you for your home or office truly makes you part of the arts. Join our community full of amazing art in an accessible setting that other cities can’t duplicate.

You may want to make Reuben Saunders Gallery one of your first stops as their reception Friday from 5:30–9 pm kicks off a fantastic collection of work from five different local artists. “Spatial Limits” features Bob Burdette, Dallas Dodge, Jonathan Fitz, Randy Regier, and Larry Schwarm!

As befitting the holiday season, this exhibition highlights nostalgic experiences, space adventure, vintage-inspired toys, and how society intertwines these concepts today.

The best part? Well, we think it’s the fact that the artists are asking their viewers to engage with the artwork and explore what is beyond the object itself. It is an invitation to acknowledge that we all currently approach these new but familiar objects differently than we once did in childhood.

These ray guns are called “Administrative Defense Mechanisms” by ceramist Jonathan Fitz from Albuquerque, NM. Courtesy of Reuben Saunders Gallery.