Art Talk: Tim Stone

“I create a painterly language that emphasizes the hybridization between our physical and digital experiences. I replicate, imitate, and steal digital languages to express how confusing and lost it can be to operate in a world that is both super connected and isolating, mediated through a screen. The algorithmic ways of processing information through coding and keywords seem rather abstract, even unintentionally or misunderstood. My work sutures digital efficiency and painterly inefficiency through physical marks and colors that are rambunctious, fiery, and ambiguous in their effect. There is tension between the ordinary and the superlative and between what is natural and artificial. I examine how bemusedly liminal our physical and digital spaces have become. “—Tim Stone

Photograph above: “Stock Image” mixed media on canvas 60 x 72 $5200

Images below left to right:

“Sear” mixed media on canvas 60 x 72  $5200

“Glitch” mixed media on canvas  60 x 72 $5200

“Data Mine( The Blue Stripe)” mixed media on canvas 60 x 72 $5200