Bath Indulgences

Transforming the bathing experience from the purely functional to the perfectly sublime often rests in details that extend, expand, and soften time spent in the tub. 


“The languorous bath smoothes away the hard edges of the day, and sense-fulfilling amenities hold the necessarily hard surfaces of the bathroom at bay.


The right bath linens alone can make all the difference; they whisper comfort and contentment as they glide over the body. The masters of this task are linens made from luxurious long-fiber Egyptian cotton, and if they are free from bleaches, synthetic dyes, and chemical softeners, so much the better. 


“Ideally warmed by a conveniently adjacent heated bar, such towels ultra-efficiently absorb moisture as they gently tingle the skin.

Other invigorating accessories include scrubbers that both exfoliate the skin and open the pores; again, natural choices are the best. A pure bristle brush is a must-have, as are natural sisal scrubs, loofahs made from the dried dishcloth gourd, and natural sponges. Grainy gels and creams also work tingly wonders, and they are skin-type-specific and often wonderfully scented.

“On the subject of scents, bath and aromatherapy oils are a multi-faceted and fabulous bath indulgence, because they offer physical, sensory, and psychological benefits.

Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil, then added to warm bath water and swirled for even dispersal. Submersing the body in their soothing essences while inhaling their heady fragrances results in a sensory high that is both immediate and prolonged; the warm water doubles their efficacy and facilitates greater absorption. Perfumed candles, singly or massed about in the room, also infuse the air with a synergy of scent and sight.


If you want to feel self-indulgent in the shower, then this creamy, rich body wash is a local favorite and provides a luxurious lather while lifting away any impurities. Your dry skin, exasperated by the cold winter weather, will find replenishing hydration with this premium blend of anti-aging white tea and shea butter. Additionally, you find beauty vitamins A, E, and B5 in the evening primrose oil, aloe, orchid, and jasmine—which together offer the ultimate in hydration and elasticity. Plus, it’s specially formulated for sensitive skin and comes fragrance free to personalize it with your favorite essential oil or all-natural fragrance. Courtesy of Fragrance Fusion.


Soap is essential as water to the bath, and, while soaps also smell good, their primary cachet resides in those properties that allow them to cleanse and nourish the skin. The best soaps are milk-, honey-, or olive oil-based, and they are as gentle as they are moisturizing. These bath luxuries are triple-milled for density, which ensures that they last a long time and hold their shape as they shrink.


Other indulgences include a convenient surround or across-the-tub tray to hold the wealth of amenities essential to the deluxe bathing experience; however, some would insist that a yellow rubber duck bobbing cheerfully in the water is the ultimate—and indispensable—bath indulgence!—By Kat Schneider



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