Consumer’s Guide: An Everlasting Purchase for the Planet

“People don’t buy the products you create, but the stories you tell.”

That is the core belief of our generation’s consumers, and many companies have created their purpose based on this belief. The most cutting-edge companies are the ones that use their resources to give back to the world. My favorite stories are about companies that invest in our planet by restoring our ecosystem. There is a sense of community and pride whenever you make a purchase that results in a contribution made to earth. 

Here are some of my favorite fashion brands that will plant a tree for every purchase. Hopefully, more companies will follow this trend and include community give-back in their business plan—an ordinary purchase with an extraordinary purpose. 

Amour Vert is made in California with a mission to ensure the highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. For every tee you buy, they plant a tree collaborating with their partner, American Forests®.

Cariuma has been featured in Vogue, Fast Company, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, and Hypebeast. They have fully invested in increasing sustainability in their company by paying attention to all the details, from the sole of the shoes to the shipping process. Buy a pair of sustainable sneakers, and they will plant two trees in the Brazilian forest. 

Conscious Step is committed to creating lasting social and environmental change. Every step they take in their production process supports farms and factories with fair wages, safe facilities, and sustainable materials. Buy a pair of socks, and plant a tree.

Goodseed Clothing is a southern California-based clothing company with a respect for nature. Their love for nature is why they donate to for every consumer purchase.  

Tentree believes significant changes start small. Everything they do stems from the mission of how to do better for our planet. For every tee purchased from Tentree, the company will plant ten trees. They are hoping to have 1 billion trees planted by 2030. 

WeWood plants a tree for every watch sold. Last reported in 2013, they were able to plant 250,000 trees. This brand was developed in 2009 in Italy and follows a Japanese Miyota movement standard for all their watches. The wood used in their watches is hypo-allergenic and is not treated with chemicals. .—Thy X. Phan (Your Daily Cup of Thy)