Fashion Editor’s Top 5 Picks for Men

 Howdy! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. It’s time to talk about men’s fashion and my five top picks for fall and winter 2021 trends. 
  1. The Classic V-Neck Sweater: The layering options for these sweaters are limitless! My current favorite color scheme would be the all-white. A white sweater with a white dress shirt. The perfect combo for any occasion.
  2. The Statement Sweater: There should be a monochrome sweater and a statement in every wardrobe. The statement sweater adds flavor and your genuine personality to the ensemble. A great way to style statement sweaters is to dress them down to give off a more relaxed vibe.
  3. Western-Style Boots: Check out the awesome boots on Anthony! A fun and eye-catching piece, western boots are in for the season. One outfit to get inspiration from can be denim, turtle neck, leather jacket, and finish off with a pair of western-style boots. 
  4. Fleece Texture: Anything with fleece will keep you warm this winter season. Personally, one of the most eye-catching jackets right now is the fleece jacket shown in the link. Stylish and chic all around! 
  5. Stripe Pattern: Stripes are easy to spot anywhere you go! Isn’t that why Waldo wears red stripes? Haha, stripes are timeless patterns and are always fun to add to any outfit. 

A huge shout-out to Anthony Mai for modeling for this post. You are fabulous! Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and I’ll catch you soon.

-Thy X. Phan (Your Daily Cup of Thy) 

Photography by Thy Phan