Fashionable Fabrications

From pillows to walls, make a statement using fabrics with flair.

A stunning pillow, fabricated with an original silkscreen Hermés scarf, in a soft baby blue with gold, features Caty Latham’s iconic “Coupeaux” design. Her equestrian themes, including various tools used to take care of horses, are still as popular today as when she first began. Hermés signature scarf or carré (square) was first introduced in 1937, measuring over 27”. 

One of the reasons their scarves became so popular was because Hermés perfected spinning Chinese silk into a yarn that they would weave into fabric that was twice as strong and heavy as scarves of the time.

The company’s designers can spend years perfecting a design, and vintage Hermés scarves are coveted collector items with a worldwide base of aficionados. 


A Ralph Lauren wool plaid fabric finishes the library wall in a stately fashion.

By Kathy Heaton, Photography by Pat Wherritt.