Festive Winter Porch Décor

During this cozy time of year, our interior halls are fully decked—from sparkling lights, roaring fires, to cherished holiday ornaments. 

However, the exterior of our homes might seem a little barren in the winter without pots of bright flowers and patio furniture stacked away in storage. With a little creativity and some seasonal touches, your home’s entrance can provide guests with the warm, winter welcome they deserve. Check out a few of these suggestions to spruce up your winter porch. 

Fresh arrangements in pots

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some “green” on your porch. Fill your empty pots with fresh-cut greenery from your own yard. Cedar branches, pine boughs, and natural berries can all be cut and inserted into moist soil in flower pots. Be sure to thoroughly soak the soil in your flower pots before adding your greenery. Continue to occasionally add water throughout the winter. Pinecones, ribbons, and ornaments also make great additions to your winter arrangement. 

Topiary trees

Whether real or artificial, two topiary trees on either side of your front door is a classic way to dress up the entrance to your home. Topiary trees come in a variety of options from traditional round “balls,” swirl designs to simple pine trees. During the holidays, topiaries can even be adorned with ribbons and lights. When selecting topiaries don’t overlook the containers. Make sure the size is proportional to your home and the tree, not only for aesthetics but to also prevent the trees from falling over when faced with the winter elements. 


This front door staple is an easy and affordable way to dress up your porch. Adding a wreath to your door can also provide guests with clues of what your house looks like on the inside as well. Crisp, boxwood wreath? Large, opulent holiday wreath with sparkling ornaments and ribbon? Natural, rustic evergreen wreath with pine cones? Whatever your style, allow your wreath to give a nod to your overall interior design. Wreaths come in all sizes and designs, so give some thought to what will be right for your house. Too large of a wreath can be overpowering, however, too small can look disproportional with the size of your home. Also, consider how you will hang the wreath-adhesive hooks, over-the-door wreath hangers, and clear suction hooks on glass doors are all options. 

If you want to forgo a wreath, simply decorate your front porch lamps with a branch of greenery adorned with ribbon and sticks of cinnamon.


Another way to add character and charm to your front porch has nothing to do with greenery. Set up a grouping of oversized lanterns with LED flameless candles on either side of your front door for a warm, inviting glow. Most LED candles come with a timer that can allow you to set an “on” and “off” time for your lanterns. When selecting your lanterns avoid glass lanterns in case one would topple over during a storm. Lanterns may work best in an enclosed porch or entryway that offers protection from strong winds.—By Sasha Kuchinski