Garden Furnishings, Part 1: Antique Garden Elements

One of the most joyful aspects of creating and accessorizing your garden space is the incredible statement pieces you discover to accent your plantings. Throughout time, gardens have held a special place among all people. Antique planters, benches, tables, and décor attest to the timelessness of ancient garden furnishings in today’s garden.

Finding an antique garden decor piece that speaks to you will undoubtedly also become a conversation piece or the focal point in a corner. Discovering such works brings great delight to every gardener and its visitors.

Timeless garden décor continues to bring sophistication and whimsy to today’s gardens. Above are a few of the many antique garden elements we discovered at a recent visit to Eclectiques Wichita, where owner Jerry White gladly shared the stories of these remarkable pieces.