Going Nuts!

The months of winter can also be a delight for bird watchers. Sometimes the fun is watching the squirrels trying to discover a way to out-smart you and your bird feeders. But finding a way to out-smart the ever-clever and oh-so-persistent squirrel can also seem like an ongoing battle.


“You may leave the squirrels apples and nuts for themselves, but for some reason, those you place in the feeders for birds seem a bit more appetizing to them.


Fortunately, plenty of companies have been working on ways to do just that. Droll Yankee is made in the USA and available here in Wichita.

To keep agile squirrels away and unable to access the nuts and seeds you intended for your birds is quite a feat. The feeder also needs to attract birds that can cling to feeders with strong feet and permit them to pull out high-calories peanut splits, a favorite of woodpeckers, chickadees, and tufted titmice.

Top photo: When a naughty squirrel slides down this feeder—it closes!