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Layering Winter Essentials

Welcome back, winter. I am excited to see you again. This time of year is when everyone is bundling up. For fashion experts, it is a season to challenge their creativity. This challenge is to create versatile looks from the winter essentials they have accumulated over the years. 

The essentials are a foundation. They are building blocks to a concrete wardrobe. Your investment in the essential pieces will determine the stability of your outfits. If you have a solid foundation, it will be easier to intertwine current trends into your style. To begin building a solid foundation, I recommend these six winter essentials: trench coat, blazer, denim jacket, hoodie, sweater, and white dress shirt. 

Using the winter essentials, you should layer and create several looks. Layering is a technique used by many stylists to enhance an outfit. This technique brings out an individual’s uniqueness and expands their creative freedom. Winter is the best time to focus on regenerating our winter staples by layering. 

Here are some layering tips for the season: 

1. Combine a hoodie with either a trench coat, blazer, or denim jacket for streetwear attire. Pair it with skinny jeans and sneakers to have a casual but striking outfit. 

2. Dress up the winter classics by matching the trench coat with a blazer. Belt the blazer and put on a pair of trousers. This look will give a classy and sophisticated vibe. 

3. The belted look is a lifesaver, and it cinches the waistline giving an effortless appearance. Not only can you belt the blazer, but you can add a belt to the trench coat and dress shirt. My favorite combo right now is the belted denim jacket

4. Since a white dress shirt can go with anything, you can dress it up or down based on your outfit. I love wearing a dress shirt underneath an oversized sweater or sweater vest. 

With these four simple tips, I challenge you to buy only three to four new winter pieces this year. Create updated looks from what you already have and let your creative mind soar. Remember, less is more and quality over quantity. I hope this winter treats you well. Although it will get colder, you will continuously spread the warmth and be gentle with yourselves.

—By Thy X. Phan (Your Daily Cup of Thy)

Photo Edits: Lisa Phan