Mindful Floating

Mindfulness is the buzzword of the day, with magazines, videos, and articles popping up all over the internet. It’s enough to make one become anything but mindful.  

Suppose you’ve been worrying and stressed, with little time to spend alone with yourself if your body holds aches and pains from not enough relaxation. Then, a little mindfulness may be the best prescription you can have. But, how to go about it? One way that works is floating in a tank filled with saltwater. 


“The idea is ancient, but the technique has improved since the days of seeking out salt-laden seas. 

Float therapy tanks are filled with a high concentration of salts, so it’s easy for you to float. As you naturally float on your back, your head will be partially submerged, so we suggest you wear earplugs. The tanks are pretty large, so you can stretch fully without touching the walls, floor, or roof (should you decide to pull it down to create a soundproof cocoon).

While you are immersed in the water, you’ll find that you will easily fall into a peaceful meditative state because you can’t hear or see anything. And the salts will aid with relieving your stress and aches and pains.

Floating is not only fun; it can be beneficial to your sense of well-being. Total relaxation is not something easy to attain in daily life, but once in a float tank, your worries, stress, and muscle aches and pains will—quite literally—float away. 

The salty shore of the Great Salt Lake with The salty shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

When your senses are no longer being bombarded with sounds and images, mindful resting in a float therapy tank is an easy way to relax and rejuvenate.