Planning Phenomenal Outdoor Spaces

Dive into your dreamy outdoor paradise now.

outdoor in-ground pool surrounded by lush landscaping
David Martine, owner, and designer, Treescapes—The Outdoor Living Center—Big Wave Pools, combines classic beauty with high style for resort-like living spaces.

Water-filled outdoor works of art take time to create, as do standard pools. But it’s taking that time to make sure all the details are correct, from what’s underground to the structures and surrounding landscaping, that makes all the difference. With all the required planning, it’s best to start now instead of waiting until after winter. 

Each stunning waterscape and living space is designed to meet your needs and desires. Attention to detail continues to the thoughtfully placed finishing touches.

“Remember, spring is traditionally the busiest time for building outdoor living spaces, so get a jump on summer by starting your outdoor projects now.

The ground in Wichita usually doesn’t get too frozen over winter, enabling most pool contractors the ability to break ground now and getting you into your dream pool in time for summer. 

Everything from pots, planters, and luscious annual color, to elegantly appointed comfortable outdoor furnishings and accessories, all the bells and whistles are a part of every fun, splash-filled, dreamy paradise.

That way, you’re sure to have a smoothly operating pool and a phenomenal time enjoying your backyard oasis when summer is here.