potted aloe vera plant on in table

Plant Power for Your Home or Office

Well-insulated homes are great for retaining heat during the cold winter months, but the resulting indoor air also becomes and remains stale more quickly. Instead of using chemical-based air fresheners—which never smell like real flowers, forests, or oceans anyway—to mask odors, lavish the home with green plant power. 


Unlike chemical fresheners, plant power can truly cleanse the air by filtering out toxins, pollutants, and carbon dioxide and replacing them with pure oxygen.


While all living plants are natural air fresheners, some are more efficient than others. There are excellent choices for philodendrons, spider plants, Chinese evergreens, pothos, and aloe veras. As a rule, broad-leafed plants perform best, and the more vigorous and healthy the plant, the more air it can filter.


In general, one house plant per one hundred square feet of the living area will freshen the air amazingly well.