Woman helping older man with physical rehabilitation

Post Rehabilitation Fitness

There is a strong consensus among fitness experts that the essential element after rehabilitation is a fitness regimen that is carefully directed and personalized. 

After reaching therapeutic goals and graduating from physical rehabilitation treatment, many patients want and need continued guidance and the safety that ensures. Unfortunately, most fitness centers were never designed for these goals. For that reason alone, you may prefer a private fitness studio that can work with individuals of all ages and fitness levels. A fitness place that specializes in post-rehabilitation training for individuals recovering from injury, back pain, or illness, as well as people suffering from neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. 

Here are eight important things to look for when deciding where to achieve your personal goals after rehabilitation.

1. The center works closely with physicians to ensure each patient progresses in a way that never compromises health or safety and inspires to improve the quality of your life. 

2. A place that bridges the gap between physical rehabilitation and a regular fitness program.

3. A place that recognizes post-rehabilitation patients need more and can meet those needs.

4. Far from typical, a handicapped-certified center is uniquely patient-centric, with important features such as front-door parking and zero-entry (no steps). 

5. All equipment is zero entry, meaning you don’t have to step over something or take a big step to get on a machine.

6. Staff that understands the value of post-rehabilitation fitness, and is dedicated to meeting every person’s individual needs. 

7. Staff who can conduct whole-body rehabilitation assessments and determine what is required to overcome your weaknesses. 

8. Classes that provide the specific exercises necessary for the group members’ diseases and assessments.