Q Ginger: A Sophisticated Ginger Ale

In 1893, WB Keller, the editor of the National Bottlers Gazette wrote,

“It should be the aim of every bottler to bring its brand of ginger ale to the highest possible perfection, since a bottler’s products are judged for better or worse by the merit or lack of merit possessed by its ginger ale.” 

Something happened in the past 120 years. Today, ginger ale comes in two disappointing options. A high-fructose laden soda with a slight ginger flavoring or a ginger beer that combines garish amounts of ginger with loads of sugar. 

Q Ginger is something different. Not too sweet, but clean and crisp with a strong gingery bite and real depth. Jordan Silbert, the founder of Q Drinks used the best ingredients he could find. He began with real ginger root – bright, earthy, and complex. Then lightly sweetened Q Ginger with a dash of organic agave, not loads of high fructose corn syrup or sugar (which means it only has 60 calories per bottle!). And to make it truly special, he added touches of coriander, cardamom, rose oil, and orange peel. 

To present the fruits of his labor, Silbert worked with one of New York City’s best designers to develop a bottle as beautiful as the liquid it holds. He came up with a truly superior ginger ale. One that would impress WB. And good enough to change the way you think about ginger ale.

Q Ginger Mango Float

For the purist, there’s nothing like enjoying Q Ginger chilled, straight up. However, for a modern twist on a traditional favorite, pour about 6 ounces of Q Ginger into a chilled glass, add 2-3 small scoops of Mango Sorbet, or Simply Coconut Milk Ice Cream, and top it off with a little more Q Ginger. You may want to have a few different sorbet flavors on hand for your guests to experiment.