Reset and Renew for 2022

Changing Your Mind for the Times

In regards to age, I remember one of my brothers telling me, “Age: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. I would laugh, and we would go on about something else. But as another new year begins, I’ve taken some time to reconsider his words. A simple proverb, down to brass tacks, and, quite simply, the truth!

It is all a matter of mind. The thoughts you carry within your mind often keep you busy fretting and fussing. But they can as quickly take you to faraway worlds of soothing sounds and gentle spaces filled with quiet joy, a contented moment, or unbridled enthusiasm. 

It is within your power to access this special force and direct it toward good deeds, fulfill high ambitions, and perform acts of benevolence and gratitude. When you do, your glance in the mirror reflects that joy, and you realize that it is a far, far better thing you do, when you think highly of yourself and remember that regardless of the situations you face in life,


“If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” 


You may make resolutions for the new year. But more than likely, you will break quite a few. “Goals are good,” our copywriter, Kat Schneider, reminds me. And the power of positivity is as well-documented as any other force in nature. So, given the option of making a change for the new year, I’ll focus on my mind, seek out the good, and remember that nothing else matters.—By Kathy Heaton