Sending Joy

In the era of text, emails, and sliding into DMs, the simple art of sitting down, putting pen to paper, and sending a heartfelt, handwritten note is rather rare.

Many of us dread a walk to the mailbox, knowing it mostly holds bills and advertisements that promptly make their way to the trash. However, from time to time, isn’t it a delight to find a brightly colored envelope hiding among the junk mail with your name on it? The joy of sending and receiving a handwritten greeting card or note is underestimated. A beautiful card and thoughtful words can be a much-appreciated random act of kindness for friends far and near. 

Instead of hitting send on another email or text, give old-fashioned snail mail a try this spring to surprise and delight your friends and family.

Whether you’re sending a note for a birthday or just because, be intentional about writing from the heart. Share how you feel about the person, your favorite memories, or what you miss about them. Cards and notes, unlike texts or emails, can become treasured keepsakes based on the sentiment written in them. 

Another way to make your note extra special?

Use colored pens to coordinate with your card or seal your envelope with a fun sticker or a wax seal for a vintage touch. Feeling feisty? Fill a birthday card with confetti. Your recipient may or may not thank you later! A gift card or photo prints of favorite memories can add a special surprise to your card for a birthday without adding extra postage. —By Sasha Kuchinski