Art Talk: Sharon Nelson

Sharon Nelson, co-owner of Nelson Designs, is the lead interior designer who also happens to be an artist. 

Local artist Sharon Nelson captures the essence of sunset on a summer evening. “It is one of my favorites because the clouds were so challenging.” Image courtesy of Nelson Designs, LLC.

For Sharon, painting is a form of relaxation. When she was a little girl, rheumatic fever kept her indoors, so she started painting to keep busy. 

Infinite horizons belong to those who have

infinite imagination! 

—Mehmet Murat ildan

She is an award-winning interior designer but always knew she wanted to do interior design and paint. “I find painting is restful,” says Sharon. Nature inspires her work, and she loves the freedom of working with acrylics. Although Sharon does not usually paint for an interior she is working on, she often finds that the colors she’s working with sometimes influence her art when she goes to her home studio.

“A Slice of Teal,” acrylic on canvas, by Sharon Nelson, courtesy of Nelson Designs, LLC.

Sharon has a very relaxed view of life. Her interiors, like her art, are never fussy.