Smarter Organizing Solutions

Are you tired of squatting, stooping, and getting painfully down on hands and knees to search for items—often unsuccessfully?

There are countless books and articles about organizing. But one thing they don’t seem to cover is that regardless of the organizing method you follow, the size of your cabinet, cupboard, or closet remains the same. You might start with the best intentions of dividing everything into different categories and placing it all in neat stacks or rows. But soon, the items begin to move about, and everything is once again topsy turvy. The problem is all that space deep within—the hidden zone!

Instead of building more storage spaces, the easier solution is to make the space you have work better. As Phil Davis, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, puts it, “You have the space already there, hiding in plain sight.”

“Slide-out shelves allow you to easily see the space behind by bringing everything out to view.

Life is so much easier with an organized pantry.

More and more homeowners realize that this one simple change has been the perfect solution to their storage problems. Many people start with a kitchen cupboard or pantry and find the flexibility and creative custom options so plentiful they move on to have the slide-out shelves installed in their bathrooms, guest rooms, linen closets, laundry room, and more.

New customer favorite: hanging pot rack and slide out shelf.

Super-easy, convenient, and painless access to all your pots, pans, china, baking dishes, guest linens, medications, and more is only a day away. That’s how quick the installation can be. And when you reach for that next item, you’ll be ever so thankful all you had to do was slide out your shelf to see everything—in plain sight!