Spirit of the East—Asian Accents

Asian antiques bring another dimension to any interior, from contemporary to eclectic. 

A few carefully curated pieces lend a sophisticated ambiance. Besides the hidden value of their innate beauty, they also carry beautiful stories with them. You can find countless Asian accents to inspire your home décor. A few examples here display the artistic and practical nature of having such collectibles.

Above: An Oriental motif cloisonne lamp, hand-carved Balinese busts, and oriental prints can be displayed in a single setting or placed throughout your home as befits your personal style.

This stunning 19th-century Tibetan chest is not only practical for storage; it would be a beautiful accent for any room.

You may find many Asian chests in the lucky color red, but this particular piece is outstanding for the addition of its beautiful hand-painted floral decoration.

This miniature Asian painting on stone with an expansive mat and gold bamboo-style frame embodies several facets of Asian art.

The large surrounding mat invites you to focus your gaze on the center, where a stylized painting on stone depicts one man holding a beautiful blue fabric in his hands and the other man holding a vase with a single branch. One can imagine a conversation about how these two elements may perhaps come together in a particular room.


This large hand-carved wooden bust depicts the Boddhisatva Maitreya, the future Buddha in the Buddhist tradition.

Maitreya is from the Sanskrit word maitri, meaning friendliness. Seen here on a stone pillar, the statute would also be a stunning piece positioned upon an entry chest or table. It is not uncommon to place such a representation of a Buddha on a fine cloth or woven textile.

An American Eagle carving incorporated on this large lacquer-ware-covered serving bowl suggests it may have been a custom piece intended for export.

Lacquerware is a time-consuming art that may take up to several months for each piece, and this ancient art requires much training. The artists craft each item individually from wood, hand-paint, and lacquered. The final items showcase the artisans who create them and are considered works of art. —By Kathy Heaton, photography by Pat Wherritt