The Orchid—Flower of the Year

This timeless bloom represents unity, beauty, and love. They come in many colors and, if you have a green thumb, will bloom year after year. Blossoms of pink, white, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and the most sought-after—blue—will grace your home with their elegance at least once a year. Although, according to some, if they are “happy,” they bloom more often. Fortunately, the flowers can be enjoyed from six to eight weeks when they do bloom.

White orchids in this room bend gracefully toward the chenille-textured chair and sofa accented with embroidered linen pillows by A&M Superior Upholstery. Felicia Serrioz, co-owner, sees orchids as a celebration of life. “They bring warmth and a smile to everyone. Plus,” she adds, “orchids are simply beautiful and the perfect accent to any home décor.”


Oh Yeah! China Bistro displays contrasting white and purple orchids in their restaurant, signifying thoughtfulness and refinement, echoing the foods they prepare and how they are served.

By Kathy Heaton, photography by Pat Wherritt.