Three Sauces and One Mix are the Trick to Tasty Halloween Treats

It seems we adults have taken over Halloween—or maybe we never wanted to completely abandon this one night of the year when we can all have unabashed fun—with or without the need for costumes. These delicious ready-made sauces and one mix are certain to serve up a treat that’s guaranteed to delight your family and friends.

Pulled Pork Simmering Sauce

Pulled Pork Simmering Sauce.

North Carolinians originally used the wood from their backyards for smoking and barbecuing pork and each cook had their own special sauce. Eventually, the flavor and aroma of the best barbecue attracted neighbors and the first roadside barbecue joints were born. This sauce, slowly simmered with a pork shoulder, makes the best pulled pork sandwich you’ll find north of Raleigh!

Sloppy Joe Sauce

Sloppy Joe Sauce for the grown-ups!

Remember those tasty Sloppy Joes that were once a staple in school cafeterias and in every home in America? Sweet and spicy they first became popular in Key West in the 1930s. This sauce is all grown up with peppers, onions, and just the perfect amount of spice for a great-tasting, easy-to-make lunch or dinner. So, grab the buns, and plenty of napkins, and enjoy!

Bacon Queso

This sauce works as a zesty dip, or an all-time favorite—cheese-smothered fries!

This velvety, tangy queso pairs creamy Cheddar cheese with the smoky, salty decadence of real bacon. You’ll go hog wild for this zesty dip, which is delicious warmed, and served with tortilla chips, on fries, or even atop a juicy burger.

Plant-Based Sloppy Joe Mix

Something for the Plant-Based "Trick or Treaters"
Plant-based Sloppy Joe Mix with a Classic Honey BBQ.

To make sure you cover all your hungry trick or treaters, be sure to add a plant-based Sloppy Joe. Seasoned with smoky chipotle chili peppers, garlic, natural smoke flavor, and sweet honey for a classic honey bbq flavor. Urban Accents Sloppy Joe Meatless Mix will satisfy your most ravenous sloppy joe craving! Powered by plants, Urban Accents Meatless Mixes are made from ground vegetable protein. Each pouch replaces 1lb of ground meat and is high in fiber & protein (40g), while low in fat and calories.