A Breath of Fresh Art

It’s amazing what a little, or a lot of wall art decor can do for your home. Original paintings, prints, sculpture, folk art in all its forms, tapestries and large installations of wall art, collections of any kind of art, or all of the above come immediately to mind. And the medium doesn’t matter at all; mix or match with abandon. If you love it—if it represents you—it’ll all work together.

Art can adorn your home at all levels, inside and out: on walls, on mantels and tabletops, on floors, on the occasional pedestal, and on a deck, a porch, or any surface, in a never-ending joyous symphony of color, pattern, texture, finish, style, and period. You may even think of the art you acquire as personalities that often carry on interesting conversations to which you’re occasionally privy. Why not? Every piece of art bears at least some mark, some intimation, perhaps even a fingerprint of its maker, which imbues it with discernible character or charisma. Listen: What is it whispering to you, to its roommates?

Think of bringing fresh art into your home as a beautiful way to celebrate spring’s perennial promise of renaissances, rejuvenation, and renewal. Fresh air and fresh art: Now that’s the way to welcome spring!—By Kat Schneider, art courtesy of Reuben Saunders Gallery.

The photo above: Mary Binford Miller, Delft Dutch Roses, oil on canvas