Winter Reflections

While many people I know look forward to summer’s long days and heat, I generally prefer winter’s long nights and cold. 

I may be in the minority, but I like winter. Before proceeding, I acknowledge that this comes from the privileged position of not having to get up early to go to work, not caring for horses or other outside animals, and generally not having to get out on wintry days at all except for veterinary emergencies with Mandi. Plus, I have a garage for my car. I realize that if my situation were different, my feelings about winter might also be very different.

That being said, I do enjoy winter, and I look forward to the hot soups, warm socks, and comfy sweats. 

I love the quietness, especially with snow on the ground. No lawnmowers or leaf blowers, and no power tools! (My close next-door neighbor is a mechanic who repairs lawnmowers.) And no worries about yard work! 

I’ve always thought that winter was a good season for us introverts—fewer obligations and events with the potentially good excuse of not attending because of inclement weather. It’s more acceptable (and understandable) to want to stay in and read, watch TV, or just veg. There is not as much pressure to socialize—a good season for introspection, reflection, and meditation. A season to slow down, to rest. 

Cooking is always much more appealing to me in the winter. After getting acquainted with my Instant Pot, I love it! It’s become my go-to for cooking grains, beans, and even veggies. It feels so good (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to be nourishing my body with healthy home-prepared foods. 

Waking up on a chilly morning, I feel warm, safe, loved, and comforted under a quilt Mom made for me. While waiting for the heater to kick in, I snuggle with Mandi in bed and listen to affirmations or meditations to start the day right. 

On those days when I do get out, winter provides some unique photographic opportunities. The light is soft and warm compared to the harsh light of summer. While snow and ice may create some challenges while driving and walking, they can also provide excellent photos.

Days are getting longer, and soon the quiet of winter will give way to the sounds of spring. So I am taking advantage of the remaining days of winter to cook, hoping for a bit of snow, looking for interesting photos, and reflecting on life. And, when spring comes, I look forward to spending more time outside, walking, and taking pictures.

Living in Kansas, we get to experience all four seasons. So, whatever your favorite is, hang on. It’s coming!—Photography and article by Dianne Waltner