A Story of Joy: Betsy Morrison

We think the stories behind the women-owned Wichita businesses are as interesting as the shops they operate. This week, we share a behind-the-counter view of Betsy Morrison, founding owner of Frou Frou, a delightful boutique that opened in The Shops at Tallgrass in March of 2004.

When we think about stories, those that Betsy shares about the hundreds of exciting products she carries are part of what makes this store so unique. If she hasn’t met the original creator, she has forged lasting friendships with many of their representatives. Relationships are important to Betsy, and she is immensely grateful for those she has created with her loyal customers. It means a lot to her that even those who move away from Wichita make it a point to stop in to visit and shop when they’re back in town.

Frou Frou is much more than a place to shop. It’s an experience. That’s primarily because Betsy has created a place where people can come and enjoy themselves while they shop. It’s the process of browsing, sharing stories, and most importantly, the way Betsy and her staff share their passion and love for having a good time. 

When asked what her favorite part of having Frou Frou is, Betsy says,

“It’s difficult to say because I like everything about it! I like that we’ve built up a base of loyal customers, I like buying new products for people to enjoy, and I like creating the store displays.”

We guess that in the words of chef Ina Garten,

“What’s not to like?”

Faced with a mirror image, Polly Peake and Betsy realized what great taste they both have!