Work that Inspires

Dr. Wendy Williamson—or “Wendy,” as she prefers to be called—is a credentialed Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist and the owner of the Williamson Wellness Center. For Wendy, the title “personal fitness trainer” can be misleading; rather, it’s much more about a science-based approach to help you rehabilitate your entire body.

To that end, Wendy has been recognized nationally for her skills, as well as her focus on post-rehabilitation, ranging from conditions such as low-back pain, orthopedic and neurological conditions, and joint-pain and -replacement, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

 Wendy was teaching in the school system when she decided to combine her love of helping people with her passion for health and fitness.

She thought that the field of personal training was an excellent fit. But Wendy—whose instincts drive her to reach for her personal best—decided to earn the Ph.D., something very rare in the industry. What’s more, Wendy realized that she wanted to bridge the gap between traditional physical therapy and a regular fitness program.

“As I studied for the certifications and the doctorate, I realized that exercise could be another mode of medicine,” Wendy explains. “I could be that administrator who collaborates with medical professionals! Additionally, I saw that there was a huge gap between post-rehabilitation and traditional fitness programs, as well as the need for a program that keeps the medical community involved and informed as the patient progresses.” She adds, “Physicians often tell us where a weakness might be, but don’t know the prescription to improve the deficit. That’s our job! The Williamson Wellness Center can prescribe whole-body exercise, independent of the demonstrated weakness.”

Because of her comprehensive training and superb communication skills, Wendy is well prepared to work closely with physicians.

 If something is beyond Wendy’s scope, she refers the patient to their physician, along with her professional assessments.

Wendy has seen many people, throughout her life and career, who’ve challenged her, inspired her, and cheered her on. Perhaps the most important of those people are her parents. “When I’m speaking, say, at a conference, I often confide that I have the ‘Red and Carol’ syndrome—That’s my father and mother! I’m fortunate to have parents who care deeply, and have tried to instill that in my sisters and me. I hope to give half of what Red and Carol have to the people I hope to serve.”

She also credits her wonderful clients with providing daily inspiration.

“I love what I do,” Wendy says. “I have the opportunity to help people feel better and return them to the quality of life that they once had. With a little bit of work, they can begin to feel better, stronger, and more fit. To see my clients’ quality of life improve is amazing, and it makes my day. Nothing can replace their ability to pick up a child or grandchild once again or participate in the activities they love.”

Above all, Williamson is excited about the opportunity to help the health and fitness communities work more collaboratively—and leave a small legacy of better health.