November 17, 2022
National Baklava Day

This dessert cake made of layers of filo filled with butter, honey, and nuts—we’re partial to pistachios—was brought to Hungary by Turkish invaders in the sixteenth century and later transformed in Europe into strudel.

This is a delicious pastry you’ll want to have on hand for family and guests during the holiday season. If you’re unable to make your own, we suggest you stock up with several flavors of fresh, homemade baklava from one of Wichita’s two favorite Mediterranean restaurants:

Café Maurice, 9747 E 21st St. N Ste.121, Wichita, 67206, 316.425.5762.

N&J Café and Bakery, 5600 E Lincoln St., Wichita, 67218, 316.681.3975.

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