Color Block Prints: Marking A Wichita Centennial

Reuben Saunders Gallery will be featuring a new exhibition that is connected with the Wichita Art Museum! Exhibit opens Friday, February 25, 2022. 

They will display a range of prints created by contemporary artists from around the region. These fantastic works of art were created with traditional and modern printing techniques.

Featured artists:

Jean Gumpper

Karen Kunc

Leon Loughridge

Michelle Martin

Walter Padgett

Mark Sisson

“Then and Now: A Centennial Celebration of Block Prints in Wichita, Kansas, 1922-2022” will be on display at the Wichita Art Museum from Feb. 26th until Aug 7th!

The International Block Print Renaissance began in the last decades of the 19th century in Europe, as artists and collectors rediscovered the block print medium. Beginning in 1922 with its annual print exhibitions, Wichita, Kansas, played a major role in expanding this renaissance throughout America.

Photo above: Walter Padgett, Autumn Maple, Japanese Garden Woodblock

Mark Sisson, Portrait of Pouya Jahanshahi, Linocut