Mindful Meals from Mokko Cuisine

A mindful approach to living is the golden ingredient in the creations of Mokko Cuisine. Owners Nina and Fred Winter chose to name their fresh meal home-delivery business Mokko, as it means meditation and best reflects their approach to life. 

“We want to approach living by becoming more aware, slowing down with the actions we perform,” says Nina. “And we want people to adapt a slower approach, what many refer to as mindfulness, into their lives through food. We hope to inspire people to think about the food they eat and where it comes from—to take time to slow down, sit down for your meals, and contemplate what you eat,” she adds.

“Food is medicine for the soul, and every culture has its own unique healing ingredients. It’s inclusive, affordable, and readily available to all of us.”—Nina Winter

To that end, they’ve created an Asian/South Pacific Islands/Japanese-inspired menu with many innovative twists. From the plant-based items to those dishes providing meat alternatives, their handcrafted foods offer a spectacular journey around the world with culinary creations designed to, says Fred, “share the beauty of world cultures and the value diversity can bring to our corner of the world.” 

Together, they bring abundant experience to their newest venture, based in Founders Creative Kitchen—a shared-use kitchen at Reverie Roasters in the Douglas Design District. Fred’s background includes more than fifteen years as the head chef at KOBE Steakhouse; embracing the foods of the South Pacific Islands and Hawaii; and sharing his love of German cuisine. His passion for gardening has led him to experiments with planting seeds from around the world. Nina also owns TISSU Sewing Studio, a local small business, and is passionate about sustainability, slow living, slow fashion, and its direct relationship to the Slow Foods Movement. She is a vegetarian, certified yoga/Reiki practitioner, lifelong Buddhist, and plant-based chef. She enjoys the challenge of working with her husband to transform vegan/vegetarian food into something spectacular and memorable. They believe your journey matters, regardless of where you are in the spectrum of foods you prefer. 

Nina and Fred Winter invite you to join Mokko Cuisine on a “magnificent voyage of gratitude, mindful living, and self-transformation—around the world.”


“A Journey Back to the Self.”

Mindfully crafted, global comfort cuisine to nourish the Soul.







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