Wichita Restaurants

Wichita Dining

Wichita boasts great dining experiences—from casual eateries to elegant fine dining, from hometown breweries to wine bars with artisan chocolates—certain to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

With over 1200 restaurants and counting, there are also plenty of sources to guide you through the dozens upon dozens of different categories. We encourage you to visit them to discover new favorites. You can find and participate in various “Best Of” contests or simply step out of your regular comfort zone once a week to try something new. Food is an international language, and here in greater Wichita, you can travel the world.

To that end, we will bring our own “two cents” to the table by offering an abbreviated list of our Top Favorites regularly. The order in which we bring them is not from polls or contests but based more on a desire to offer a diverse selection from which to choose your dining experience.

We also look forward to introducing you to the people behind the restaurants. They are the ones who bring their passion for food, style, and sense of taste together to create some of the most extraordinary combinations ever to find their way to a plate. We hope you take the opportunity to do some sampling of your own and share your dining experiences with us. Bon appétit!

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